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Americana Boogie Radio United States

Welcome to Americana Boogie Radio, your passport to the rich and varied landscape of Americana roots music. Our station is a curated celebration of the diverse sounds that define the Americana genre, carefully selected and hand-picked by Bill Frater, a seasoned DJ with over 40 years of experience in free-form and Americana radio. At Americana Boogie Radio, we take you on a journey through the heartland of music, embracing the authenticity of Country, the raw energy of Rock, the storytelling of Folk, the soulful beats of Blues, the timeless twang of Bluegrass, and more. Our playlist is a living testament to the roots-based music that has shaped generations and continues to captivate audiences. Bill Frater's expertise shines through in every selection, creating a blend that bridges the gap between the classics and the latest releases. Whether you're a longtime aficionado of Americana or a newcomer exploring the roots scene, Americana Boogie Radio is your trusted guide to the authentic sounds of American music.
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