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Welcome to Desi Radio, where the vibrant pulse of Panjabi culture resonates across the airwaves. Broadcasting on 1602 kHz AM from Southall, our mission is simple yet profound: to celebrate and share the rich tapestry of Panjabi traditions, practices, and customs. The word 'Desi' encapsulates our unique identity, rooted in the specific space and homeland that is Panjab: the Land of the Five Rivers. At Desi Radio, we aim to foster a deeper understanding of Panjabi culture through insightful discussions and engaging content. Our radio station serves as a platform to showcase the beauty, diversity, and uniqueness of our heritage, encouraging a sense of connection and appreciation among our listeners. Beyond being a medium of cultural celebration, Desi Radio has a broader vision. We aspire to be a catalyst for transformation and positive change in society. Our programming is designed not only to entertain but also to inspire, educate, and encourage dialogue that contributes to the progress of our community. What makes Desi Radio truly special is the dedication of our community-driven team. Our station is powered by volunteers, many of whom have undergone training through the various media courses provided by The Panjabi Centre. This commitment reflects our collective passion for preserving and sharing the essence of Panjabi culture.
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