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London Soul Radio United Kingdom

Welcome to London Soul Radio, where the heartbeat of the city pulses with soulful rhythms and timeless melodies. As the online oasis of soul music in London, we take pride in delivering a carefully curated selection that spans the spectrum of soulful genres, ensuring a musical journey that resonates with your soul. Immerse yourself in the classics as we transport you through the golden era of Classic Soul, R&B, and Smooth Jazz. Feel the contemporary vibes with the soulful sounds of Neo Soul, and groove to the Rare Grooves that have stood the test of time. Let the Slow Jams serenade you, and elevate your spirits with the uplifting tunes of Gospel. We also sprinkle in the infectious beats of Soulful House and the timeless rhythms of Classic Reggae. London Soul Radio is more than just a radio station; it's a celebration of the diverse and soulful sounds that define the city's musical landscape. Whether you're a seasoned soul aficionado or a newcomer eager to explore the depths of soul music, our playlists are crafted to cater to every soulful taste.
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