Cool Canada

Welcome to Cool 95.1, your musical oasis in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada, where the coolest beats come to life on 95.1 MHz FM. CKUE-FM invites you to immerse yourself in a curated blend of Classic Rock, Pop, and R&B Hits, creating the perfect soundtrack for your day. Whether you're a fan of timeless rock tunes, catchy pop melodies, or soulful R&B hits, Cool 95.1 has it all. Tune in and let Cool 95.1 be your musical companion, delivering the coolest mix of tunes that resonate with the diverse tastes of Chatham. From the classics that stand the test of time to the latest hits making waves, Cool 95.1 is where classic meets cool, and every note is a vibe. Join us for a musical journey that keeps Chatham grooving to the coolest sounds around.
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