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Kiss FM United States

Welcome to the vibrant beats of 95.9 Kiss FM - WKSZ, your ultimate radio destination in Appleton, Wisconsin! We're your go-to station for a sizzling blend of Top 40, Pop, Hip Hop, and Hot AC music, delivered with unparalleled energy and style. Tune in to the 92.9-95.9 MHz FM frequencies, and let the airwaves come alive with the latest hits and the hottest sounds. At 95.9 Kiss FM, we're not just a station; we're the heartbeat of Appleton, providing you with a non-stop musical journey that keeps the beats fresh and the tunes poppin'. Whether you're into the chart-topping hits of Top 40, the infectious rhythms of Pop, the urban vibes of Hip Hop, or the contemporary allure of Hot AC, we've got your musical cravings covered. Join us as we bring the pulse of the city to life, creating an atmosphere of excitement and entertainment. Turn up the volume, stay connected, and make 95.9 Kiss FM your soundtrack for every moment. We're not just playing the hits; we're defining the sound of Appleton with the latest and greatest in contemporary music. It's more than radio – it's a musical experience that resonates with the heart of the city. Tune in and feel the beat!
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