Radio Piterpan

Radio Piterpan Italia

Welcome to Radio Piterpan, broadcasting on 92.8 MHz FM from the heart of Castelfranco Veneto. We're more than just a radio station; we're a vibrant hub of youth culture and entertainment. At Radio Piterpan, our primary language is music, and we speak it fluently to connect with young audiences like no one else. Our Piter Team, composed of talented DJs and lively entertainers, is the heartbeat of our station. They are constantly immersed in the public, bringing the energy and spirit of Radio Piterpan to events, parties, and the social scene. This close interaction with our audience – the passionate Piterpaniani – is what makes us unique. We pride ourselves on being in tune with the tastes and trends of our young listeners. Whether it's through the latest hits, underground tracks, or timeless favorites, our music selection is designed to resonate with your lifestyle and preferences. But Radio Piterpan isn't just about great music; it's about community and interaction. We thrive on the communication with our listeners. Your SMS messages, emails, and phone calls aren't just welcomed; they're an essential part of our daily broadcast. This interactive experience ensures that every listener feels heard and valued.
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