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Playback UK United Kingdom

Welcome to Playback UK, London's unrivaled internet radio sensation, streaming live 24/7 and setting the global standard for musical vibes. As the number one internet radio station in the city, we take pride in curating the very best in uplifting Funky, Soulful & Electro House music, creating a sonic journey that transcends boundaries. Our diverse playlist includes a dynamic mix of genres, including 4x4, 2Step, Underground and UK Garage, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, and timeless Old Skool Club Classics. At Playback UK, we're not just a radio station; we're your passport to the heart of London's vibrant music scene, broadcasting the beats that define the city's rhythm. Tune in and let the infectious energy of our carefully selected tracks transport you to the heart of London's music culture. Whether you're into the soulful sounds of house, the rhythmic beats of garage, or the bass-heavy vibes of drum & bass, we've got you covered. Playback UK is more than just a radio experience; it's a global dance party that you can join from anywhere in the world. Our mission is to bring the soulful spirit of London's music scene to your doorstep, ensuring that the beats never stop and the energy never fades.
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