Radio Szczecin Extra

Radio Szczecin Extra Polska

Welcome to Radio Szczecin Extra, where the music never stops! 🎶 Immerse yourself in a non-stop musical journey, where we bring you an extra dose of your favorite tunes around the clock. From the latest hits to timeless classics, Radio Szczecin Extra is your go-to destination for a continuous flow of exceptional music. Tune in and let the rhythm take over as we curate a playlist that caters to all tastes and moods. Whether you're looking for energetic beats to kickstart your day or soothing melodies to wind down in the evening, we've got you covered. At Radio Szczecin Extra, we believe that music is the universal language that brings people together. Join us for an extraordinary musical experience that transcends boundaries and fills your days with the joy of sound. Get ready for non-stop musical bliss – Radio Szczecin Extra, where the music is always extra special! 🎵📻
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