Yoruba FM

Yoruba FM United Kingdom

Welcome to Yoruba FM, your ultimate destination for an immersive musical experience that celebrates the best in Yoruba and Nigerian music. Broadcasting from the heart of London, England, we take pride in being the internet radio station that showcases the rich cultural heritage of Nigerian Folk and Pop. At Yoruba FM, our mission is to transport you on a musical journey that spans continents and explores the roots of Yoruba music. From its original birthplace in Nigeria to its far-reaching influence in Latin America, the West Indies, and America, we present a diverse selection that captures the essence of Yoruba musical traditions. Dive into the vibrant sounds of Jazz, Juju, Apala, Faaji, Fela, Highlife, Orisha, and Gospel music, as we curate a playlist that reflects the global impact of Yoruba music. Our goal is to not only entertain but also to educate and foster an appreciation for the cultural richness embedded in each note.
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