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Welcome to Rete Sport, broadcasting on 104.2 MHz FM, right from the heart of Rome. As the pioneering radio station entirely devoted to a single football team, we offer an unparalleled experience for fans of AS Roma. Since our inception on January 1, 2002, Rete Sport has become a beacon for Roma supporters, providing comprehensive coverage, analysis, and entertainment. Our journey began with a two-year preparation period, ensuring that once we hit the airwaves, we would offer our listeners nothing but the best. Our success was both immediate and resounding, fueled by our commitment to providing exclusive and in-depth content about AS Roma. At Rete Sport, our programming revolves around the happenings of AS Roma and its passionate fanbase. From live match commentary and post-game analysis to player interviews and fan reactions, we bring every aspect of the club to your radio. Our effective slogan, “è sport - solo su R ete Sport” ("it's sport - only on Rete Sport"), encapsulates our mission to provide a dedicated space for AS Roma fans to connect and stay informed.
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