Sanskar Radio

Sanskar Radio United Kingdom

Sanskar Radio, broadcasting at 107.5 MHz FM from Leicester, is a unique and culturally enriching station dedicated to the Hindu community. Rooted in the rich traditions and spiritual teachings of Hinduism, this station serves as a beacon of cultural heritage and religious education for its listeners. Operated by a passionate team of volunteers and supported by the local Hindu temples, Sanskar Radio is more than just a radio station; it's a hub for spiritual growth and community connection. Its programming focuses on a range of Hindu teachings, offering a blend of religious discourses, devotional music, and educational content that caters to the diverse needs of its audience. With its transmission on DAB Digital Radio and online streaming through its website, Sanskar Radio ensures easy accessibility to its listeners not just in Leicester but worldwide. The station becomes even more vibrant and essential during Hindu religious festivals. During these significant times, it extends its reach by transmitting on analogue radio, bringing the community together to celebrate and observe these important occasions. Sanskar Radio stands out as a vital resource for the Hindu community, providing a platform that not only preserves but also celebrates Hindu culture and traditions. It offers a space for listeners to deepen their understanding of Hindu teachings, connect with their roots, and participate in the shared experience of their faith and cultural heritage.
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