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Welcome to Times Radio on 96.5 MHz FM, your live connection to the beating heart of news and insights, proudly broadcasting from the vibrant city of London. As the digital voice of The Times, Britain's esteemed national daily newspaper, and its sibling, The Sunday Times, Times Radio is your window into a world of informed discourse and engaging conversations. At Times Radio, we transcend the conventional news broadcast. We are the evolution of a tradition that dates back to 1785 when The Times was founded by the visionary John Walter I. Our commitment then, as it is now, is to "record the principal occurrences of the times" for the service of the public. Tune in and immerse yourself in a dynamic blend of current affairs, analysis, and thought-provoking discussions. Whether you're seeking breaking news, insightful interviews, or a deeper understanding of the world around you, Times Radio is your constant companion. For an enriched news experience, explore the digital edition of The Times and The Sunday Times on thetimes.co.uk. Join us on this journey where news comes alive, tradition meets innovation, and the pulse of the times echoes through the airwaves. Times Radio: Your source for news that matters.
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